Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Autumn Day

Getting up in the mornings is somewhat more difficult due to the darkness and deliciously cooler weather. But arise I do, even if it is dark, and head to the kitchen hoping I will not stump my toe on anything left in my path. My coffee is the flint that lights the fire and in this fallen world and for this aging self little helps are very welcomed. I enjoyed it today in a mug made by Johnson Bros appropriately called "Autumn's Delight". Guess where I got it?

Today as I walked Mr. Putter I was wearing jeans and a jean jacket as the wind was chilly. I could not help but admire all the beautiful chrysanthemums blooming throughout my neighborhood. You can definitely tell the ones just purchased with their globe-like shapes. I spend the summer months pinching the heads off of mine so they will bloom profusely in the fall. They are tipping now and I shall soon have rust, yellow and amethyst splotches of color bursting in my yard too.

Upon returning from his walk, Mr. Putter was surrendered to the girls for a "beauty shop" treatment as he will be attending his obedience class once again tonight and Rose wants him at his best in every way. Charlotte must have been freezing in her sleeveless top and shorts along with being sprayed with cold faucet water. But she held on until the very end.

This is the day I change my bed linens ....why are they called bed linens anyway? Mine are definitely not made of linen.......But I like the name better than bed sheets.

Nature study was a call for the day when we discovered these spectacular examples of fungi....mushrooms, right up the road. This fitted right in with Rose's science studies on nonvascular plants. They were amazing!

Hidden up in the cupboard over the desk in my kitchen is my stash of chocolate. Just in case I am having a need for chocolate.... but to show I am not totally selfish, I will say I share some of the best pieces with my husband. Apparently he likes chocolate too!

And when I am feeling really generous I share the ones with nuts, even the cashews.

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