Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A reflection of my packed life

A world of possibilities await me every morning. Yet I find myself secure and thinking how my life is, in a understated word, full; not unlike a lovely packed suitcase with separate compartments, filled with all potential necessities.

The ages of my children run over a span of twenty years. My firstborn son arrived in 1982, my second son in 1988, and the girls followed in 1996 and 2003, respectively. Charlotte was born four days before my twenty-fifth anniversary. We call her the "old egg" anniversary gift.

All my children are in a different stage of life and I find myself being needed in a wide range of different ways. Witt as a young adult, meets with me every Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock. We read the Word, pray and talk about his life, his future, his likes and dislikes. It also is an accountability check for him. This appointment is set on my calendar and I will do everything within my power not to change it, if the time needs to be altered, I will rearrange my schedule to fit what works for him.

Alan is in the process of transferring to another college. We are spending time visiting schools, reviewing and changing what we thought was going to be and finding out that is not the best for him right now. It is definitely a stayed tuned kind of operation at the present time.

Rose is 13, an older child, and a budding young lady. Everything that comes with this age is on center stage in full living color every day. She is at one edge of the spectrum, I'm am at the other. We coexist together beautifully, where love and grace covers a multitude of areas.

Then there is Charlotte. A six year old smack dab in the middle of fascinating childhood. She is capable of bringing me back to reality and revealing to me what is truly important in life and family. Because face it, these days pass entirely too quickly and I have proof that they grow up. I hold her tightly enough, literally too snug at times, but all within the realm of healthy allowance to encourage her growth in wisdom, statue and favor with God and man.

I love my life.

"Behold, I and the children whom the LORD has given me..." Isaiah 8:18

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