Tuesday, July 12, 2011

burying myself in words...

...on the written page.Sitting on a vintage glider, 
 propped up against a needlepoint pillow,
   reading a good book.
 Francine Rivers never disappoints, she writes books I find extremely enjoyable.

Even though we have been involved with Classical Conversations for the past two years, it is only this year I began reading this book written by Leigh Bortins, the founder of Classical Conversations. Some books are destined to be picked up for a refresher when you are on a particular course, whatever that course in your life might be, for me this happens to be the classical mode of teaching and learning. It puts the questions of," Exactly why am I teaching this?" to a better understanding and makes the path clearer, and therefore, not as difficult. I will try to remember this when daily Latin lessons overwhelm.
 And because I can not be found just reading one or two books, that is far too simple, these books are on my nightstand with appropriate bookmarkers of sales receipts, coupons or clothes tags. I do believe I need a good week at the beach to enable full days of reading.

I sincerely hope you are burying yourselves in some good reading this summer. I know some of you are.

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