Saturday, September 5, 2009

The end of my day looked like this

Keep in mind my previous posts about outside dining and this post will line up beautifully. What gave this particular one extra bounce was a picnic at Witt's place.

Simple, simple supper that boxed up with no trouble. Quiche, salad, and sliced cucumbers in vinegar. For an appetizer we spread a cracker with cream cheese and topped it with pepper jelly.
*Target* carries the most amazing Italian sodas. We buy them and they are stored on the pantry shelf to reappear as the golden slipper for special times, such as an evening picnic. We have tried several different flavors, but tonight it was lemon.

We reclined on a blue blanket that mimicked the earlier blueness of the beautiful skies we have lived under this week. My trusty vintage picnic basket provided a tad of ambiance.

We took the time to visit the rose garden and to smell the sweet scent of the roses.

And we picked some apples atop the high branches of one of the several trees. These trees were heavily pruned this year, therefore, the apple crop was miniscule compared to last year's abundance. These shall make a nice Sunday dessert.

What simple gifts lead to the peaceful ending of a day.

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