Friday, May 8, 2009

Upon Rose turning 13

My daughter turned thirteen today. She mourned the fact; apparently leaving her childhood days behind does not appeal to her. But all the extra fanfare and planned celebratory festivities helped tremendously to encourage her to "forget all her troubles and smile". Her positive mindset about such things was restored.

Strawberry cake is traditional for Rose's birthday, but this year she surprisingly requested cheesecake. I love to bake cakes, however, cheesecakes are not my forte. A friend who makes some of the most amazingly good cheesecakes volunteered to bake one for Rose's birthday. It's chocolate swirl, even my not particularly partial to cheesecakes husband (probably the reason I do not make them), placed his stamp of approval on this cake.

Friends stopped by this afternoon to deliver birthday wishes and gifts. Due to shadowy clouds threatening to drop rain as they have been known to do frequently these days, we forsook having tea outside under the shade trees, and instead set the dining room table for an afternoon birthday tea.

Afternoon Tea Menu:
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate-covered strawberries
Assorted cheeses
Tea with cream and sugar

While at the beach last week after enjoying a splendid lunch served down by the river, the girls and I moseyed around some of the gift shops. These candlestick additions were gladly snatched up in the wink an eye. Little plastic cups containing miniature holes where you stick fresh flowers rest atop the candle holder, just add water and fresh flowers, of course.

music flow wrapper

She* gave it to me with a blessing. "Take it, knit it up", she insisted as she pressed the pattern into my hand. She assured me sh...