Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrapped Up

On the fifth day before Christmas......

Gift wrapping central became the scene in my bedroom.

My husband has been wrapping all our gifts since our very first Christmas together as husband and wife. He looked at my gift wrapping ability and decided it would not do at all. Since I have never mastered the art of wrapping lovely packages and figured that is the reason "those bags" were invented for people like me, I calmly got out of his way. He is now trying to train the next generation by teaching Rose how to cut, fold and wrap. Unfortunately, he is under no obligation to write the name tags so I must undertake that job. It behooves him that I do not attach and write them as he is wrapping each gift. Obviously, he does not know my technique of keeping track of which gift belongs to whom. But then I also have a backup plan...... that is the one that bugs him the most......*smile*.

dancing steps and blowing candles

On the sixth day before Christmas........

Ballet performances were attended and birthdays were celebrated.

This is Charlotte's first year of training in classical ballet. The dance studio she attends performs"The Nutcracker" every December. Rehearsals began in October and for a nonprofessional group of students from kindergarten through twelfth grade they do an excellent job of performing this classic ballet.
Charlotte was a beautiful angel who gracefully danced little steps on the stage with the cutest little pasted on smile. Friday was opening night, she performs twice on Saturday and the final performance will be Sunday afternoon. We shall rest after this exhausting week!

In the midst of all this we managed to celebrate my husband's birthday with a family supper. He requested a pecan pie since we have had so many cakes lately.

I honestly can't say what my recent deal is with putting only one candle on celebratory birthday "cakes" since I did the same with my own a couple of weeks ago. We certainly are not that old and winded.........

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