Thursday, November 10, 2011

costumes, toiles and ballets

toile (twa:l)
2. a garment of exclusive design made up in cheap cloth so that alterations and experiments can be made

The rehearsals for the upcoming Nutcracker are in full swing. It only seems fitting that I  do my part in the costume department. Yet the making of costumes that will be altered throughout many performances and in the forthcoming years is stretching me quite a bit. The lady in charge handed me bolts of festive shiny sleek material and a 10-12 size pattern and offhandedly mentioned they will be worn by little girls that are seven years old.

Before I wasted any of the beautiful fabric I decided a toile was in order.  An old sheet was accessed in the bottom of my linen closet to be used to make a raw costume from the pattern. The only alterations so far are in the length. Tonight I will grab one of the "polichinelles" aside for a proper fitting. Then the true work will begin.

At least Charlotte's autumn dress is completed.

at the shore cum amica mea

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