Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday whims

It began with a breakfast eaten at a wrought iron table while sitting outside downtown. Some of us settled for sausage or ham biscuits, while I personally chose the tempting hot bar of eggs, bacon, potatoes, squash and asparagus. My dear one decided a portion of my scrambled eggs should not be dismissed a a great addition to his biscuit.

photo by rose

The day got rolling  along as errands and a little shopping took center front during the morning hours.

Ever since I first learned of this magazine, Jane Austen Knits, I have desired to hold it in my hands and  indulge in its luxury. Already a project has been chosen from its pages and a heavenly deep cerulean blue dyed yarn of a merino/alpaca blend purchased (you see it on the top right hand corner) to be knitted into this:

 a short stay.

 The knitting needles are a present for Charlotte. It is time for her to have a nice set upon which she can  knit and purl. I know and can attest to the pleasure of having fine yarns and needles while enjoying the art of knitting.

And I have plans for the Cascade Superwash to be knitted into a pair of fingerless mitts for the Hospice social worker who shows up at my back door almost weekly. She comes in carrying Mr. Putter and Penny treats. She is tiny in statue and her bright smile would lighten up even the cloudiest sky. She knew my father because she just happened to be our assigned social worker when he spent his days here with us; he always called her not by her first name, but Mrs. King. She mentioned to me one day how her hands always seem to stay cold, I know the feeling exactly and that is why you will find me wearing fingerless mitts often during the cold months. She might not get much wear from them this year, but hopefully her dear caring hands, the same hands that have so mercifully caressed both my mother's and my father's face, will stay warm during whatever winter months are in her future.

Happy Saturday!

at the shore cum amica mea

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