Monday, May 4, 2009

Sand in the Ears

Because Rose will be turning thirteen this week, the past weekend's venture was in response to her desire to take two good friends (sisters actually) and go away to the beach.

Gentle sea breezes were not on the agenda, however, the wind's velocity whipped us into all kinds of shape. But it definitely did not hamper the joy and delight we had while there with one another. As I walked down the beach, I took heart in the fact that I was receiving so many benefits from all the resistance. It was a wise choice I made to go at first against the wind so its powerful strength could help push me back to the cottage after the workout. The blue rockers on the porch hauntingly rocked all night, I felt as if we had visitors.

The water was cold. Nevertheless, the ocean's magic tempted the girls to run and play in the waves for several hours each day.

It seems Charlotte brought a bit of the beach home with her. She walked into the kitchen this morning and reported she had sand in her ears! I have always love wonderful times and things that linger, regardless of how or where those things might happen to turn up.

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