Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A celebration of another order, Alan's this time. We sent out invitations, decorated with cute things and cooked good food.

Friends and family showed up on this lovely Saturday in June and we enjoyed the time together to honor Alan upon his recent graduation from college. Then we stopped and prayed God's blessings on him and his future.

I positively could not have done this without the expended help from several others. Claire was a tremendous help with her creative art contributions, the making of a strawberry trifle, and sticking with me in the kitchen preparing this and that. I absolutely love having her as a daughter-in-law. A good friend came early and helped in the kitchen along with the baking of a delicious chocolate-peppermint cake. Then many others appeared in the kitchen and chipped right in conversing all the while during the washing up of all the china, silverware and glasses.

A special thanks goes to my photographer, seventeen year old Priscilla. Without her I would have no way of visually reliving the day's joys, of which there were many.
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