Friday, March 20, 2009

A day with heaps of splendid things

"I think the nicest thing about days is their unexpectedness," went on Rilla. "it's jolly to wake up like this on a golden-fine morning and day-dream for ten minutes before I get up, imagining the heaps of splendid things that may happen before night."
Rilla of Ingleside
L.M. Montgomery

On Friday mornings the girls enjoy our morning Bible time to include extra application readings. I have used various materials in the past but this particular morning it came from Jill Novak's , Girlhood Home Companion Magazine. This magazine is a splendid treasure including beautiful photography and wonderful stories which encourage, teach, and celebrate the total wonder and gift of being created feminine for His glory.

I love the kindergarten year. Every day, every week, every month is filled with watching a blossom unfold in your midst. And the best part for me is the lack of pressure in teaching this level because so much learning takes place in the everyday happenings of life. Charlotte has done splendidly well with the reading lessons, Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons. I bought this book many years ago to teach one of my other children to read and instead chose to use another source. I dug this book up last year and decided this was the method I would use for Charlotte. It is an amazing technique, and it works!

Finishing up our geography unit on North America, specifically the United States, Rose was able to concentrate on each state's locations and its capital. A splendid review of USA geography.

Now that the rains have passed over, we headed to the muddy field to try Mr. Putter in his first outside beginner agility class. After he managed to get his "corginess" out, he was focused and performed his tasks for Rose splendidly.

moving lugubriously...

Noteworthy that the day is wet and grey. Not just a misty rain, but a gentle rainfall. We all pulled ourselves out of our beds this morning...