Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Boy Blue Shower

Finding ways to give touches of blue to the shower table, cupcakes with blueberries seemed a suitable choice.These delicious vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing ( only three sticks of butter....) were displayed in the center of the table on a three tier stand. Some of the ladies did not have to be reminded to," Please help yourself to the cupcakes."

I am certainly not partial to blue foods, such as blue icing and blue candy, which rely on unnatural food colorings. But to get that touch of blue, I relented and bought these M&M almond candies. There might be something in them for pregnant women, however, because the mother-to-be was enjoying them immensely......maybe it is a boy baby thing!

No blue here, just some dainty buttermilk biscuits with ham that might make your mouth water....if you like ham biscuits.

And since this was a tea, blueberry "iced" tea was served. Because on this 78 degree day, I could not even imagine anyone considering hot tea. It is very warm today, my windows are open and the sun is pouring in causing us southern ladies to glisten. Just think we had snow on Monday and some nights had reached down into the teens earlier in the week. Some would say this is what makes the south so wonderfully appealing. I believe it goes right along with little boy blue showers.

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