Friday, February 27, 2009

The comfort of house slippers

The preference of what to put on my feet while in the house is not a matter of great concern. I do not wear shoes while inside my home in either summer or winter. When it is warm outside you can expect my feet to be bare, but I will always be wearing socks and/or slippers while in the house during the cold weather months. From the time I get up until my bedtime my footsies are adequately covered.

It is not fashion I am after.....just taking care of the old cold feet syndrome. I love woolen socks and slippers with durable soles, this enables me to makes light trips outside if needed to get the mail or hunt for something in the garage. Just as long as they are absolutely super duper comfortable and warm I am satisfied. I wear a pair out, toss them and replace them with another sentiment attached either....all service.

I have come to realize it is one of the things that gives me a dose of pleasant feelings, stepping out of my shoes and sliding into my house slippers upon entering my home. It's a homey thing.

at the shore cum amica mea

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