Monday, June 2, 2014


Four years ago, this beautiful spot held such a joyous celebratory occasion.

 I was visiting it the last weekend in May to feed the cats and water the plants while Witt and Claire were out of town celebrating their four year anniversary.

 The roses were blooming, and singing, and scenting the air with their beauty.

And there was a vintage Mercedes Benz I stopped to admire as I left the garden.

Witt and Claire's days of living here are limited. They are going to be home owners, very soon! Witt lived in the little brick house three years before he married Claire, so that is seven years of memories created here. I know I will miss the charm of this unique property at times. The apples, Claire's hosting under the trees, and the picnics.

Yes, their sojourn is ending here, but this special couple is moving on to yet another version of a "house of their dreams", and that is is very exciting, indeed!

I realize there are many links to this post, but I was remembering after all!

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