Monday, April 29, 2013

of cakes and planes

Traditionally, the saying "Let them eat cake" has had significance of some sort or another with historical figures and fancy breads. But for us this saying was found on a table awash in a variety of cakes at a reception held at the church for Alan. Alan left for Thailand today where he will be living in the suburbs of Bangkok teaching English to high schoolers, intending to stay there until next year.

 I baked six cakes, and two friends graciously baked the other three.

I never knew Alan would be my adventurous one, but it should not have surprised me considering how God has used Alan in such miraculous ways his entire life. This huge step is just an on-going follow-up to a life hid in Christ. We are going to miss him tremendously though. 

  My husband and I stood afar and kept our eyes fixed on him until he headed down the steps topped by the words, TO THE GATES. He is presently at the Kennedy International Airport on a six hour layover before boarding a jet that will take him from this country to another one far, far away. 
 Alan is fulfilling plans ordained for him by His Heavenly Father, 
therefore, a steadfast peace grips our souls.

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