Wednesday, August 24, 2011

O, for the love of basil

Some of you already know how much I love basil, considering it the gem of any summer garden. This year my basil has done exceptionally well, some of the leaves have been truly as gigantic as a tomato.

I have been seeing the words basil syrup in recipes scattered from here and there. And since herb syrups of any sort are right up my alley, I wasted little time in making one with basil this week.

I have been a fan of Susan Branch and her cookbooks for years. Her quotes and original drawings dispersed throughout her cookbooks are fun.  This recipe was recently given on her fairly new blog. It has a unique taste, not at all like basil though. Maybe it is the lime juice and condensed milk that makes it interesting. However, I do like it especially when poured over crushed ice. It will cool you down quickly... but one may need to watch out for what my children call "brain freeze" with those first few swallows.

(The fish straw has no extra significance whatsoever)

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