Saturday, May 15, 2010

A week-long post

There most definitely should be a word to describe my days of late. This word should be colorful, active and with many letters of the alphabet swirling all through it. There is a tufted titmouse that has built a nest in our basketball goal's stand. She flies in and out all day tending to her little flock of birdies. She is busy, watchful and purposeful. I can think of no better comparison of a thing that portrays a portion of my life at the present.

Rose's fourteenth birthday was celebrated in style. A very good friend who lives out of town showed up to stay for a few days in the middle of all the birthday activity. But she is a tried and tested friend, the sort of friend that rolls with the punches, whatever is going on in my household at the time, she fits right in. I can go to her house and it would be the same way. Therefore, when she woke up that morning I handed her a cup of coffee first then stated, " Today, we are going to bake a cheesecake." She did not even bat an eye. Together we learned how to make a Brownie Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. It was scrumptious! And neither of us are cheesecake bakers.

Mother's Day was spent with three of my four, not perfect because we missed Alan tremendously, but still nothing ruined my day with the three of them. After lunch we visited Witt's place. It is so charming since Claire's feminine hand has waved over every inch of it. They will be living there together as husband and wife in two more weeks.

I especially loved the window boxes she suggested and he obliged.

Our 50+ guests will meandered through this rose garden on their way to the Rehearsal Dinner that will be served under a tent on the other side.

Certainly the song that goes "And you got to have friends....." has been proven over and over, I have a very full supply. This week it occurred in the form of a friend in encouraging me, "Yes, we can make the table cloth overlays for the tables..."all 80 inches per tablecloth. We set up long rectangle tables in the middle of her new kitchen and we measured, sewed seams, and rolled hemmed the edges. All pressed and waiting now between my foyer and dining room. These tablecloth will make the tables pop with the pink and orange color scheme,
I am dizzy already.

at the shore cum amica mea

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