Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies and Caroling

On the fourth day before Christmas........

We did what we always do every single Sunday morning, we went to church to worship. That afternoon Charlotte performed her ninth and final performance in "The Nutcracker" ( five were during the weekdays for the public schools in town). After a small party gathering, we were able to come home wonderfully tired and ready to cozy in for the evening and light the fourth Advent candle as we read from the Gospel of Luke.

On the third day before Christmas......

The girls and I whipped up a batch of cookies. Charlotte bundled herself up to go outside to play in the wintry weather we are presently experiencing. Upon realizing that she needed to decorate another batch of cookies with M&M's, she slipped off her mittens and held on to her hat ties as she decorated the cookies with her own rendition of smiling faces. She urged me not to take a picture of her in her fluffy coat. For some reason Charlotte calls this her fluffy coat and she is certainly not partial to it, I'm really not sure why.

Some of the neighbors and children braved this cold still night and walked around the neighborhood Christmas caroling. It was a welcomed feeling to come in from the cold, shivering but ready to enjoy good company while feasting on all the shared goodies.

However, Charlotte does at least like her knitted hat.

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