Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Knife

While shopping with my husband Saturday morning in a few towns over, the magnetic pull of a fancy expensive kitchenware store allured us inside its double etched doors. This sort of well-marketed store makes my senses zing as I wander around its beautiful arrangements of kitchenware, my mind is like flint not intending to actually buy anything, but enjoying the looking tremendously. Chopping and slicing with good knives is rather like sleeping on 400 thread count sheets, they are not absolutely necessary, but it makes the going so much more delightful. As we paused by the glass- covered knife display cases, we soon discovered the Henckel knives were on sale with a substantial amount of savings. My husband purchased a 7 inch santoku knife which now enables me to chop my garlic, onions or whatever kind of vegetable with complete ease and pleasure.

Tonight's simple dish was chicken with a lemon-caper sauce. I diced garlic with elegance and dexterity.

A hot water soak prior to cutting the lemon yielded more juice.

The reflections gave me the idea of yet another item that could be used as an emergency mirror when I must apply lipstick in a pinch!

A subtle tube of lipstick may be kept in an apron pocket for those "just in case" times when company is knocking on the door. I find that a little lipstick goes a very long way for giving one a put together look even if everything else is awry.

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