Monday, July 6, 2009

It's a Fairy's World

Somehow we were thinking that bored damsels might like to create a fairy world this summery afternoon. Hid under the zinnia plants, nasturtiums and oregano in the girl's garden the tiniest magical fairy room came alive.

Tables of twig legs and stone tops covered with nasturtium leaf tablecloth and set with fairy china composed of pine cone seeds and wild strawberries. For little fairy bottoms, twigs were topped with hickory nut shell halves (which also make delightful toadstools we discovered).

A miniature side table holds a bowl of global sized fruit.

Oh look, flower pillows to add decor to the bark and rock settee perched upon the plush moss rug imported from behind the playhouse.
We expect to see wee footprints in the dirt tomorrow morning.

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