Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some things I did on this first day of Fall.

The leaves are falling, creating crunchiness when you walk and, in this case, sit down.

BSF, on the way home the sweater I wore while in the air conditioned church sanctuary, was quickly removed...the temperatures are still summer-like; I am wondering if today was a record breaker.

Came home to eating leftover spaghetti. If there is a viable syndrome for those who never get the correct amount of noodles balanced with tomato sauce then I most certainly have it! Being lovers of pasta and tomato sauce, we maintain a diet of spaghetti with tomato sauce in my home on a consistently regular basis.  I am always attempting to make it work out evenly, cooking the correct amount of noodles to go along with the sauce I cooked. (Now there is a longer version story here, little sauce remains, but not enough for another meal, so add more to it and you have the pot of sauce that never runs dry).  So for lunch today sheer determination drove me to boil just the right amount of spaghetti needed to go with the leftover sauce.

The dining room rug arrived today. Rose and I managed to get it down on the floor and underneath the dining table, without any extra help. Another example of sheer determination hitting the mark.

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