Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sea Magic

The grand finale of saying goodbye to our bathing suits and our beach towels before they are packed up until next year; we are leaving bright and early (the car is already packed) to stay in the little cottage by the sea this weekend.

Already I am hearing the gusty calls of the gulls and sensing the lively sea breezes brushing my hair with it's rigorous breath.

I will behold September sunrises and delight in our mist- damp suits dancing in the wind, as a morning's cup of coffee is being savored while sitting in a blue rocker on the porch. It's divine magic to me, and I find myself being hushed in the ocean's clamor and aroused in the sea's quiet.

Here's to a happy weekend to all!

These are past photos from May's trip.

november as it looks now

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