Saturday, November 15, 2008

Riding Aside

Following along with November Saturdays and horses, today was the sidesaddle demo and tea. I am very satisfied that Rose is taking an interest in riding aside. It is classically graceful, ladylike, and elegant. Today's demo showed various forms of riding, the clothing, and the saddle types.
Now remember this was also a "tea"; a far cry from the one we attended at the fancy hotel, as this one was in a barn. Styrofoam cups with hot water and tea bag, black currant, worked for me.

A table was set with cucumbers sandwiches, that were excellent I might inject, sweet breads of carrot and zucchini, along a crisp ginger snap cookie.

The author of this book spoke about the history of sidesaddle riding and relayed a wealth of information on the basics of riding aside. And lucky Rose was the door prize winner of her book which will be moved to the top of our reading pile.I am hooked!

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