Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthday cake at its best

Every year I would drop subtle hints of what I truly wanted above all other gifts. Years would come and years would go; I was obviously not getting my wishes across even though I was the recipient of very nice gifts indeed. Finally, I determined a better plan of action so I point blank asked for a birthday cake. It worked for a couple of years. If it was remembered ahead of time, a special cake was ordered from a nice bakery. Other times a hurried stop by the grocery store would suffice. And once it was even after supper and my husband grabbed his coat and headed out the door only to return 30 minutes later with a cake.

These days if I desire a birthday cake, I happily make it myself.

I love it when the cookbook makes it so decisive for you.

I was serenaded with "Forever Young" this evening. They know who bakes the cake!

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