Saturday, August 29, 2015

open-air knitting

As long as I am able to carry my knitting along from here to there, I am content. Summer brings such  multitudes of opportunity to knit out in the open-air. 

My Opal striped sock was being knitted in the majority of these photos, the one exception being the black sock. If I could squeeze in a few more outside activities this summer, the striped sock would be completed. Then it can rest on top of my sock stack until cold weather makes its appearance and the need to dress my feet in wool is fully satisfied with a new pair of socks. I wish I could be like Elizabeth Zimmerman and fill a sock drawer with newly knitted socks, but I will be satisfied with what I have accomplished this summer.

“Now, have a good summer. Dabble your feet in the water, and fill the sock-drawer against next winter. I find this as satisfying as studying seed-catalogues by a roaring January fire.” – The Opinionated Knitter

And while not exactly open-air knitting, nonetheless, I knit as I travel. A new project was begun while in the car on the open road to Ohio two weeks ago.

the completion of Middlemarch

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