Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday morning waffles

Yesterday afternoon I was happy to discover this little magazine lying on the hall table where my children had dropped the day's mail. I love this food recipe magazine and I have enjoyed giving it as gifts to my friends and they always seem to appreciate receiving it as much as I enjoy giving it. I found a waffle recipe that I could hardly wait to make this Saturday morning. It contained buttermilk and little taste flags jump in my brain when I think of cooking with buttermilk. I think baking with buttermilk makes everything tastier. I was not disappointed, they were delicious! Yet I was somewhat unnerved about the amount of butter this recipe contained and I will attempt to make alterations to the recipe in the future. But this morning I was happy to know I had the stick of butter in my refrigerator along with the needed buttermilk....oh and don't forget the fresh blueberries and maple syrup. All Saturdays should begin so well!

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