Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy over many things

Happy Spring! Happy Sewing!

Since Wednesday's bout of green and afternoon teas served on the patio with green-sprinkled brownies, Spring has been jumping out at us like little cottontail bunnies with twitchy noses.

This weekend the Smockers Guild that I belong to sponsored a two day workshop. Kari Mecca taught us ribbon embroidery on a silk purse. I have plans you know, I believe it would be lovely to carry it in the wedding.

In Saturday's class we were taught how to make animal buillions on a diaper shirt. My plans are for special babies in my future.

So many hours of hand-sewing and learning new things.

I arrived home to sparkly windows, my busy beaver family had cleaned all my windows on this spring Saturday! Thank you dear ones!

Tonight's meal celebrated the first day of spring with supper al fresco.

Happy things, and we do not want to waste a single one.

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