Monday, April 4, 2011

for whom the cake was baked

 It was a warm spring day twenty-three years ago. In my mind's eye I see an image of Witt wearing shorts and a tee shirt while watching his bare feet run through the green grass. It was the early evening of Maundy Thursday. The redbuds were gloriously in bloom and it was time for my second child to be born.

After his birth just shortly after midnight, (making his arrival on Good Friday), I remember being extremely hungry. The nurse brought me some Rice Krisipies. That was the best bowl of Rice Krispies I have ever eaten. Through the snap, crackle and pop, I smiled all under.

I am still smiling today.  So mature is this young man.

Alan is my child that is satisfied with excursions in the pursuit of new cake recipes. Every year I enjoy baking his birthday cake; of course, we do have our favorites. This year I baked a Hummingbird Cake,  bananas and pineapple, with lemon cream cheese frosting.

music flow wrapper

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