Monday, August 4, 2008

Angelina Ballerina at my house

Several years ago, American Girl Company offered a charming and imaginative play set that we were so fortunate to purchase before it was sadly discontinued. The play set is created from Katherine Holabird's charming character, Angelina Ballerina. Rose acquired the three room board house and the entire furniture collection for the three rooms. All the things, along with the loved dolls, were handed down to Charlotte. Ever so often, we pull down the soft, pink- stripped boxes and Charlotte will spend hours in cozy Mouseland imagining Angelina and Alice chatting over tea and cookies in the winsome kitchen.
Or resting comfortably in the tidy living room before heading to ballet class.
After a full day, it's time to don the pink satin pajamas and crawl into the big blue bed with a good book!

I love it when Charlotte brings me an Angelina Ballerina book to read to her. The illustrations by Helen Craig are inviting and the stories are simply classic.

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