Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fruity summer sipping

I am one of those types who enjoys reading magazines. I subscribe to several: food, sewing or knitting; and from time to time I will even purchase one from a store that captures my eye and tickles my fancy.

Sangria was boosted to places of prominence in some of the food magazines I have been reading this year, causing me to want to make some for myself. I can not imagine why I had never desired to try this beverage before since it is so easy to mix together and very good and refreshing to sip on during summer evenings.

I had quite a huge amount of fun concocting several recipes this summer. My husband prefers the citrus recipe of  oranges, lemons and limes. For me  though nothing was as delicious and tempting as watermelon, strawberries, lemons and mint. Oh my goodness!  Ambrosia in a glass.

There are many recipes to try and you can even buy the sangria mix if that is your preference. Since I anticipate the fruit's sweetness to do the trick, I add no extra sugar or soda.


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