Thursday, February 11, 2010


Keeping a container of home-baked granola in the kitchen pantry has become routine at my house. I have learned to throw it together almost with my *eyes closed* as I go about some other task while in the kitchen- homeschooling Charlotte, folding a load of clean clothes or while making telephone calls. Granola gives allowance in changing the recipe a bit with either the addition or the omission of certain ingredients. In attempts to cut down on the brown sugar in this batch, I added an extra tablespoon of honey along with 1/3 cup coconut.

Inadvertently, I had bought whole allspice while at the market. Since I like this spice in my granola, my porcelain white mortar and pestle worked nicely in grounding the allspice, a fulfilling task, rather reminding one of an apothecary of the past.

Just as I thought, delicious!


Deborah said...

There you go, inspiring me to make granola :o)!


The Editrix said...

Hi Cathy

RE your comment on my blog - did I leave a comment on Rose's blog? I must have done so without realising that it was "your" Rose, LOL! :-) Would you mind giving me the link for your daughter's blog, so I know which one it is?

And I'm glad you enjoyed reading the interview! :)


Rose said...

Yummy! I love your granola it's soooo good. I love you mom!

~Karen~ said...

Granola is a favorite here, too. I've never owned a mortar and pestle, but keep my eyes open for one in a thrift store some day.

Yes, we still have a little snow hanging around, too. I don't especially want anymore this year, but it would be ok if we did get it, though. Just forces us to slow down a little. ;o)

I did remove two posts that I put up a few days ago. My computer has been acting strangely, so I didn't know if it would post right. Also didn't know if I would be able to get back to them, so I pulled them until I have Matt look at this thing. I guess they did post. It kept telling me there was an error.

Blessings to you and yours this week-end!


crochet lady said...

Yum! I love granola with yogurt and fruit.

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