Saturday, May 1, 2010

make mine fancy, please

Four more weeks. You could ask Claire and she would tell you the exact amount of days, yet days are way too short for me...I must think in weeks.

The Rehearsal Dinner invitations were signed, sealed and delivered recently. Only one return due to lack of proper postage, it happened to be traveling to Canada and I unknowingly mailed it with the group of those not venturing abroad.

On my list of things I would like to do one day:
Take a calligraphy class at the Community College.

Meanwhile, I am self taught. So all my "fancy nancy" penmanship needs must be done in this manner.

But it works for me!


crochet lady said...

I'm guessing it's a wedding your preparing for? Four weeks isn't long to wait.

How wonderful to be able to use a fancy hand.

Cathy said...

Oh my! Just because the WEDDING is topmost in my mind these days does not mean it is in anyone elses!

~Karen~ said...

Maybe we could take a class together! I've always wanted to learn calligraphy, but haven't ventured out to try it on my own.
Four weeks! It will be here before you know it.....

The dB family said...

Wow, the wedding day is coming quickly now! I'm left handed, so my calligraphy is always a little odd looking. Maybe I should take a class too :o).


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