Tuesday, April 12, 2011

silk wrapping

A Saturday afternoon wedding to attend. Desiring a gift wrap that was extraordinary for what I considered just an ordinary gift...but it was on her gift registry after all. All those yards of silk in my stash upstairs gave me an idea to create a lovely package, soft teal-blue moire silk tied with a champagne-colored satin ribbon.

Will she sigh when she sees it?
  I can not imagine the coffee grinder inside causing any sort of  great emotion unless she is in a dire need of a freshly ground cup of coffee at the moment. 


wayside wanderer said...

Great idea and I love the color combo.

Gigi said...

That's beautiful and what a great idea!

crochet lady said...

What a lovely way to wrap a gift!

Life In a Little House said...

What a great idea it looks lovely ~I will have to remember this next time I have a gift to give thanks for sharing Love Heather

The dB family said...

:o). It's beautiful! I think I would re-wrap the emptied box and enjoy it a little longer. I know I truly appreciate my coffee grinder. Ahhh, the scent of freshly ground coffee.


Hill upon Hill said...

It is so nice to grab a few minutes and catch up on the lovely occasions of your everyday.

Slowly composing a reply to your email in my head at present.

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