Thursday, January 5, 2012


A day or so before New Years Eve we go out and purchase a new jigsaw puzzle. Then we spend hours each day making it all come together with the hope it will be completed sometime around the time of New Years Day. I am not one that likes to have a puzzle just always laying around, here a piece there a piece is not my style, I prefer marathon puzzle events. That is why we make no excuses and allow a teeny bit of justification for the expending of countless hours until its completion, thus the after Christmas holiday activity.

Barnes and Noble had a fairly good selection for us to choose from this year.  It was hitting midnight and I was all alone, everyone else had taken to their beds, my eyes were droopy and my shoulders were aching with fatigue, but I was driven with a persistent mood to finish  the puzzle Monday night.

It laid there until this morning when Charlotte was commissioned to tear it apart and restore it to its original condition.


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Ravenburger make great quality puzzles and i love this design (couldn't find any Ravensbugers locally this year). I chose another type for the twins as part of their Christmas gift. Holidays are a great opportunity to work on puzzles as a collaborative effort.

Claire said...

Witt needs to come over next time, he has been talking about getting a big puzzle to work on. I am not a huge puzzle person, mostly because I would be impatient to finish it and would stay up till the wee hours like you to get it done! I saw an interesting craft idea where someone preserved their puzzle in resin and displayed it. I guess the hard work would last then :)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hello my Friend! Hope you have hada BLESSED Christmas and New Year!!
I have missed visiting you, as my own computer is no more!! (I am at the Library today)!
I LOVE puzzles! I am looking forward to doing a Jeri Landers one I bought a while back ;-D
I shall go and catch up on your posts now,
Blessings and Love, Linnie

The dB family said...

We always did this when I was young. We did it for a couple years here too, but sadly it did not happen this year. It's fun! Glad to read you stayed awake long enough to complete it :o).


~Karen~ said...

We also love puzzles, but have yet to find a good place in the new house to set one up. I miss having them out, so I need to make this a priority, as winter is the perfect time to do them. Yours is a beautiful design.

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