Thursday, March 3, 2016

a time for every purpose



I am still in spirit this third day of March.  I consider myself a lady-in-waiting, or a Grandma-to-be in waiting is perhaps the best and most accurate description. After this past weekend, everything on the calendar was accomplished. The precious one has not arrived, so  for now we wait... alongside my very anxious daughter and her even more highly anxious husband. It gives wonderful across the miles telephone conversations each and every day. The plan is when we get the phone call to be in the car within 30 minutes to make the five hour drive in order for me to be with her during the hard labor and delivery. I advise her to  keep busy, plant pansies, make cookies, walk around the library or browse a bookstore, just keep yourself distracted from the obvious. How I recall those days before the birth of each of my children, but I especially think the firstborn has a unique place in that long wait. Time, particularly times of waiting, have such marvelous purpose.

     There were a handful of scraps left over from the quilt I made for the baby, so I today they were used  to sew a patched pillow.

       Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin,  an excellent book of which you can hear an audio sample here.  I hope to lead a Bible study for women in the future.

cooking...(see photo above)
          Green lentils with homemade sauerkraut, this was lunch. I plan to blog about fermenting certain foods in upcoming posts.

            Cleaned out the two kitchen cupboards that contain my glassware. And keeping up with laundry on a daily basis because we truly do not know when we will get "the call", and something unnerves me about leaving a hamper full of dirty clothes since I will be gone for a week to stay with Rose and new baby.

         Daddy would be 90 years old today. He was buried five years ago yesterday. What I remember the most is standing by the graveside holding on to my two daughters. I vividly remember the poignancy of the moment, how it was not my husband or my brothers or sister that I wanted to hold onto, but my two daughters who had walked this fragile path of caring for him with me during a part of their girlhood. 


Hill upon Hill said...

A blog post awaiting new life and remembering a special life.

Looking forward to hearing good news.

Leslie said...

Hope that call comes soon and pray all goes well...travels, labor and delivery and a sweet week of precious snuggles. I am very excited for you and for your daughter and her family.

I really enjoyed Jen Wilkin's book and some friends and I worked through her Abide Bible study last summer (and I am using it as a reference for a different 1,2,3 John study at church this spring). Her study is very true to the book and the method she outlines. We just made plans to work through her James study this summer which I am really looking forward to.

I am substitute teaching part-time in the public schools near me and working to find the home/work balance. It is hard, I am tired...and one reason I quit blogging. I miss those precious days of homeschooling and am more grateful than ever that I was able to teach my children. Blessings, Leslie in tx

GretchenJoanna said...

Five hours is how far away one of my daughters lives. I made it for her first baby. For the second, I raced up there when her water broke, but her contractions stopped and I was kind of "stuck" there for two weeks! The third baby was born down here, when she overdue and hadn't returned home after her father's funeral, so that one was easy to be present for. How wonderful for you to be present for your first grandchild's entrance into the world. It's a priceless gift.

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