Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a window opened

When did the days get so full that even an itty bitty post was out of my reach? I desire to scale new heights on most days, but truthfully, sometimes it seems I must just go with the flow and keep up as best I can.

 Simply stated, here is a window of a number of happenings in my life in photos from the past few months. Hopefully, it is not too plethoric! 

If you need explanations for any photo, please scroll through these words, I attempted to be brief.

*Quiet mornings gathered around the kitchen table reading the Word.* Waking one morning in March to discover ice covering everything, including my blooming daffodils. Before noon, cracks and booms as trees and limbs fell one after the other. We would gasp and run to see. All of my Leyland Cypress trees fell, kaboom, but only one landed on the house, thankfully, with little damage. *Rooting little bits of rosemary and aloe vera. I do love rooting things! *A new family member whom George adores. *A luncheon hosted one Saturday morning with Erin Davis and several special young ladies. * "A" is for Alan, and Charlotte made a special biscuit for his birthday breakfast, which we all enjoyed with huckleberry jam, strawberries, and bananas with the light of the gleaming sun's rays making us even more joyful. *The  sewing and stuffing of bags that were traveling to Haiti. Rose was able to go and is already planning her next mission trip out of the country. *He was here with us for almost two months, but school starts back in Thailand soon, we found ourselves at the airport, dropping Alan off once again. They come and they go! We never stop praying for them. *Back to dining outside, and it is pleasing for me to see the sun beams across the tablecloth that was left out, along with one lone napkin and glass. *My most favorite first daughter turned eighteen *And there we are, the girls, on Mother's Day. 


GretchenJoanna said...

Among all the many activities, did you get to sit and look serene like the cat in the picture? Well, you do look relaxed with your girls. :-)

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh what a treat to read and see about all the lovely things happening. So much that I can relate to. So hard; yet so good to see our children out on mission. Our son returned from SE Asia at the end of April.
The trees falling was quite an event! Such warmth at your table; from the bread of life to delicious bread.

Your beautiful children. How nice to catch up.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A beautiful round up of days well spent. Love the last one best!

the wayside wanderer said...

Lovely as usual. I esp like the vase of daffodils I spotted. You have a way of making dining stay pretty through the meal. I don't know what it is but my family simply can't do that. Glad all is well with you and yours. -Leslie

Karen said...

I like the idea of life in pictures so. It seems to me that it's harder and harder to get to that post that floats around in my brain at night when I should be sleeping. Hmph. Your life looks lovely these days, and I am really loving your hair! Happy belated to Rose, who has grown into such a beautiful young lady!

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